Enchiladas have to be one of the easiest things to customize. You can put an unlimited number of ingredients in them and use either flour or corn tortillas and the sauce on top is variable too. I have made mine with chicken, beef, beans, and cream cheese with spinach. I have even done pork filled enchiladas. My point is that once you learn the basic method you can play around until you find your ultimate combination. One of my favorites was a chicken filled enchilada with a sour cream and salsa sauce that had toasted pecans on top. In my humble opinion you can put pecans on just about anything and it will be good. For the recipe today I did some with cream cheese and spinach for my mother-in-law and hamburger for the rest of us. First we will do the sauce:

8 ounces of dried Guajillo chile peppers (I found mine in a 16 oz package and used half)

1 tablespoon onion powder

1 tablespoon garlic powder


Place the peppers in a bowl and boil some water. Pour enough boiling water over the peppers to cover them then place the pan on top of the peppers to keep them submerged. Go fix your filling for the enchiladas. Just use the same seasonings that you would for tacos or refer back to the seasonings I used in Liquid Tacos. Note: My hubby thinks that Liquid Tacos is a bad name for that dish. Return in around 20 to 30 minutes and the peppers should be softened. Place them in a blender with the onion and garlic powder then add a little of their liquid at a time until you get a mixture slightly thinner than pancake batter. If you like you can use some stock as part of the liquid to add more flavor. Glory brands does an excellent vegetable base that I use constantly.  Set aside.


Now for the enchiladas all you need is:


Corn tortillas (always pull out more than you think you need because some may rip)

Cheese (if you are using it)

½ cup oil


Take the oil and heat it until it appears to be swimming. Easy test for this is to drop in a saltine cracker into the oil and see if it browns quickly. Briefly fry each tortilla in the oil. You are just trying to soften the tortilla and not get it crispy so this is a very quick in and out procedure. Drop it in, flip it over, and then remove to a plate. Stack them up and allow to cool briefly.

Preheat your oven to 350 and prepare a baking dish by spreading your sauce on the bottom of the pan.

Take a tortilla and spread a small amount of filling, not more than a few tablespoons, onto the lower half of the tortilla.

Fold the bottom up and tuck it under the filling.

Roll the tortilla upwards until the end is underneath then place in the pan. Line the enchiladas up close together so that they keep each other from unfolding. Cover them with the sauce and sprinkle with cheese, if using, place in the oven. Bake for 30 minutes then let cool briefly so that they are easier to get out of the pan in one piece. Serve with beans and rice.

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