About Me and this blogs purpose

My name is Sukie and I am the mother of three small boys who are loud, filthy, and already have hairy backs thus I dub them werewolves. There are no sparkly vampires involved! I like food. I like to cook it and I like to eat it. I think everyone should cook and I don’t like the idea that only fancy chefs can do it. My recipes sometimes have a lot of steps but if I can cook it while keeping three kids from destroying themselves or the house then you can do it too. Once in a while I will write a post about my struggles with parenting, budgets, and picky eaters. I have written and published a cookbook A Texas Girl in Mississippi for the Kindle and soon in paperback and am working on another book for junior readers. So please join me as I try to get all this done with as much patience and humor as possible. I post whenever I come up with a new idea. You can make requests for recipes on my Facebook page, Raising werewolves, or follow me on Twitter, SukieNemeth, either way I hope you will become a loyal reader!

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